Volunteer Preview & Information Night

Join us on Wednesday, December 11th from 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm to get important details on serving during An Old Kentucky Christmas, hear from the planning team, tour the village, meet your leaders, and more.

Details for Serving will be provided during Preview Night and can also be accessed  via the document link:  2019_OKC_Preview_Night_Volunteer_Info_Sheet_updated_12.4.19.pdf



Details for serving

  • What to wear

    The Old Kentucky Christmas Leadership Team would like all volunteers to wear PERIOD ATTIRE to maintain the theme and authenticity of the era.  There are a bonnets, aprons, and skirts that can be borrowed by volunteers.  If you would like to borrow period attire it will be available during the weekend in the volunteer hub. 

    Ideas of what to wear are...
    Guys... old jeans or overalls with flannel shirts, thermal undershirts, boots, etc
    Ladies... long skirts, dress shirts, boots, bonnets, etc
    Check out the pictures on our Old Kentucky Christmas Facebook page or on 
    www.anoldkentuckychristmas.com for more ideas. 

  • volunteer parking at stephen's

    We want to keep the parking in the areas closest to the Village available for all our guests who are coming to make memories with us this year.  In order to do this we will have volunteer parking at Stephen's Elementary with a shuttle running regularly before, during, and after volunteer shifts.

    Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled volunteer time to catch the shuttle

    that will be running continuously thru out the event.


    During the field trips on Friday and Special Needs on Saturday, we ask that volunteers park on the opposite side of the Burlington FC Campus and/or in front of the main building, rather than at Stephens Elementary.  There will not be shuttle buses running during the field trips.  

  • Where to go when you arrive

    When you arrive to serve for the village (inside or outside) you can head directly to the area you will be serving in.  There your lead will be ready to greet you and ensure that you have everything you need.  

    Ladies, if you would like to borrow some period attire you can stop by the Volunteer Hospitality Room in 101/102 to see what skirts and bonnets we have available.  

  • Closing Shifts

    If you are working one of the closing shifts please plan to help with sealing up the outdoor shops with the tarps and zip ties at your location.  Instructions for the easiest closing process will be provided to volunteers each evening.  


    Please that everyone who is working a closing shift on Friday and Saturday are scheduled until 9 pm.  This is to allow for us to offer a bonus hour until 9 pm, weather permitting on both days.  If the weather is not in our favor, we will wrap up at 8 pm as publicized in our hours for the event.  We will communicate to everyone as soon as possible if we will be offering a bonus hour either evening.