Special needs Community Event

Come join us at this year's an Old Kentucky Christmas event hosted specifically for our Special Needs Community before we open to the public.  Saturday, December 14th 10:00 am - Noon

We want to provide our Special Needs Community the opportunity to enjoy the village in a setting that is designed to meet their needs. Special accommodations are being planned to allow guests to navigate the village at their own pace without complication or additional crowds.  

As our guests you will get to experience everything that takes place during the full event as you step back in time in our Pioneer Village and take in the nostalgia of the period in the candle maker’s shop creating your own hand-dipped candles, visiting animals in the petting zoo, and much more.

Visit our Special Needs Event on Facebook to receive updates and information.  

personalizing your experience

We want to ensure you and your family can enjoy the village without any worries so we're planning a few accommodations.

  • Weather permitting we will create paths in the sawdust for wheel chairs to have more accessibility through the village.  If the ground is frozen we will have limited capabilities to make adjustments.  
  • Ramps into shops will be added where needed for easy access.  
  • Handicap Restrooms are always available inside the church. 
  • Calming areas will be provided inside the church.
  • Shops will have plenty of helping hands to assist you in having a great experience.  We will give you your space, but be ready to jump in if needed.  
  • More accommodations are being considered as we get closer to the event to ensure you have a wonderful experience.